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Programs & services

Kuf and Christine offer music performances and motivational creative arts workshops, using the power of music, clinical training, and performance experience to foster personal growth. Our workshops invite participants to engage in experiential listening of live performances, supportive visuals, self-expressive improvisation activities, songwriting opportunities, invitation to explore personal goals and discussion of various creative arts coping strategies to manage tasks of daily living.  Working in a strength based model, the workshops/performances are designed to support participants in building skills to build confidence, increase motivation and drive and strengthen self-care skills.


Yoga & Sound

The duo collaborates with yoga teachers nationwide to facilitate a peaceful and meditative experience, combining harp, spoken word, & sound healing with restorative and yin postures. If you are a yoga teacher, studio, or center that is interested in hosting an event please reach out for more details. 


School Workshops & Residencies

Providing a variety of services for schools, Kuf and Christine engage students in uplifting and enriching experiences which include motivational assemblies, day workshops in collaboration with art, music, and or gym teachers as well as residencies that include daily workshops during special classes leading up to a multi media student performance. 


Community Advocacy & Fundraisers

Our mission is to collaborate with the community in fostering a positive environment for all. Whether it be background music to create a relaxed ambience or high energy to get your guests on the dance floor, charity events benefit from live music to lift the atmosphere and contribute to making your event a success.




Creating a ripple effect within your company, faculty development workshops focus on strengthening group cohesion and wellness within your workforce. Staff members will engage  in full-day, half-day, or multi-day workshops that include building leadership skills, opportunities for discussion to shape and refine the work environment, develop group and individual goals, overview of coping skills to prevent burnout and personal development through creative arts experiences.


Mental Health Workshops

Kuf and Christine facilitate interactive workshops that encourage the discussion of mental health and wellness using classical, soul, and hip hop paired with creative arts interventions incorporating treatment modalities such as expressive art therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy and narrative therapy. Workshops are held at inpatient/outpatient treatment centers, drug and alcohol programs, therapeutic boarding schools, hospitals, and community centers. 


Live Performances

Kuf Knotz and Christine Elise create positive, soulful, forward-thinking music driven by a strong message.They provide live entertainment for a variety of events and spaces. If you need ambient background music, Harp and Beats creates an atmospheric bliss for private events, coffeehouses, restaurants, etc. Additionally, they offer Duo and Full Band Performances with a balance of chill and high energy for private events, venues, theaters, community art centers, and festivals.  

Beats & Scores


Are you interested in guidance in the recording process, need a track to bring a song to life, searching for a personalized composition, or a score for your film? Kuf and Christine can assist in writing, arranging, composing and producing to collaborate in  bringing your musical ideas to fruition. 


Music Therapy

Christine is a board certified music therapist and licensed professional counselor having delivered music therapy services to children, adults, and seniors with activity limitations and those seeking emotional support. She is currently offering individual music therapy sessions, adapted music lessons, guided imagery and music sessions, group workshops, and an interactive performance series for seniors titled Sentimental Journey to support and strengthen residents' cognition, mobility, socialization, communication and quality of life. 


Project Launch Support

Are you interested in launching a project but don’t know exactly where to start? Kuf’s extensive experience in the music industry along with booking, marketing, photography and film has led him to offer project launch support. Kuf assists emerging artists develop a plan to set and achieve goals. He offers services such as website design, headshots, music production, promotional videos, and more!

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